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Healthcare is a growing industry.  At Shiloh Communications we provide a link between you as the communication provider with your patients. What we have identified is that healthcare workers want to concentrate their area of the business while leaving the development and marketing to us. It is a marriage of convenience. Everyone is in their area. 

We offer a complete service from initial consultation right through to communication delivery. We identify where improvements can be made. We will then work with you to develop the perfect communication toolkit, to give your patients a positive experience from their GP surgeryhospital to community or social care provider.

We understand that demographic groups don’t behave the same, where a young adult will respond differently to a posted letter than an elderly patient. We believe a coherent, joined up system which provides all communication types including a printed letter, SMS and secure encrypted digitally delivered document, gives the patient choice according to their own preferences.  

With Shiloh Communications, effective communication is not just about the cost, but is also about results, timely response, and clear patient understanding. It is the combination of these that will provide your healthcare organisation with real savings and positive outcomes.

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