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With Shiloh Communications you are in safe and reliable team. From small-scale seminars and media briefings to gala awards ceremonies and international conferences, our experienced team has the know-how to steward your event from start to finish. 


Shiloh Communications Events Management Services 

Product launches

We work with brands across a wide variety of business sectors and have launched products or services in healthcare, cleaning sector, charity, tech, sport, food, travel, tourism, media and more.

Awards & Conferences

With large-scale events, we can successfully deliver national and international awards ceremonies and conferences, we will make you headlines for all the right reasons.


Brand activation

Shiloh Communications can help you to identify the partnership that connects to your brand, then devising a creative strategy that brings it to life in a way that most resonates with your target audience.

Media briefing

From one-on-one media briefings to full-scale press conferences, we can help ensure the right messages are delivered in the right way – with the right people in the room.


Event venues

We will choose the right fit for your event. 


Marketing & promotion

 We can offer digital and social media marketing together with billboards, flyers and street promotions. Our aim will be to seek out your target audience.


Hybrid & virtual

If your event entails remote audience, our technical team will ensure they can join, engage and benefit as seamlessly as if they were in the room.


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